Roberto Barreda — Software Engineer

Roberto Barreda

Software Engineer

Barcelona Area, Spain

To take a challenging and high performance oriented role in the field of Computer Engineering and implement the expertise and experience gained in this field to develop complex project with efficiency and quality

Software design

  • Good analytic skills to solve efficiently any problem supplemented with strong programming skills.
  • Deeply interested in scalability and high availability cloud services.

Good team player

  • Good communication and organization skills.
  • Reliable, organized, co-operative and hard-working.
  • Familiar with test driven development and working with a distributed team.

Passionate about innovation

  • Fast learner, I like to work in a complex projects which have scope for learning and challenge.

Software Engineer

Dec 2012 • Present

Careesma develops and operates job board websites with +6 million of unique visitors per month in multiple markets (India, Austria and Poland).

Involved in the development of new features for the product, improving the performance and the reliability of the site.

Python (Django, Gunicorn) PHP (ZF) MySQL Solr Redis Nginx Apache SMTP Chef Mercurial AWS (S3, EC2, SES) Zenoss Graphite

Backend Software Engineer

Jan 2011 • Nov 2012

Qustodio Family Protection is the free parental control and internet monitoring software that provides advanced detection and monitoring features.

Involved with every aspect of the development, from the technical design of the features to the implementation, promotion to production, administration and server monitoring for the following services:
— Data gathering service.
— Data processing and transforming using Hadoop/Hive.
— Json REST API.

Python (Gevent, Gunicorn, Celery) PHP (ZF) Nginx MySQL Redis Hadoop/Hive ZeroMQ SVN/Git AWS (S3, EC2, DynamoDB, SES, SQS) Nagios Ganglia Graphite

Software Engineer

Nov 2008 • Nov 2012

Evolium provides IT security solutions for consumers and businesses.

Involved in the design and development of the following projects for a well-known antivirus company:
— Client-side library that provides the communication with different cloud protection and security services.
— Phishing/Malware protection cloud service for web browsing. Uses heuristics to prevent and detect new and unknown threats.
— Web application for remote administration of antivirus installed on the stations of an organization.

C++ C# MySQL Nagios Munin

Research Assistant

Jan 2007 • Nov 2008

The CBA is a multidisciplinary research group focused on areas related to broadband networks and broadband services

Involved in the development of two projects to measure the QoS of any kind of network (NetMeter and OreNETa).
— Development of the tools.
— System administration support tasks.
— QoS testing and setting up testbeds.
— Collaboration in the European project EuQoS.

C/C++ Qt4 XSLT QoS


Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona

2003 • 2008 Degree in Informatics Engineering
Specialized in Telematic networks and operating systems


  • Software Engineering for SaaS
  • Algorithms I
  • Algorithms II
  • Cryptography I


Programming languages

scripting proficiency in Python, PHP and Shell scripting
object oriented advanced knowledge in C/C++


rdbms advanced knowledge of MySQL
other advanced knowledge of Memcache, Redis, Solr, Amazon SimpleDB & DynamoDB

Operating Systems

linux knowledge of Linux programming, strong administration skills
web servers Apache, Ngnix
monitoring Nagios, Ganglia, Graphite, Munin
other working knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Other technologies

web DNS, HTTP, SMTP, (X)HTML, CSS, Javascript, Websockets, XPath, XSLT
mapreduce Hadoop, Hive
frameworks working knowledge of Django, Zend Framework and Qt4
version control working knowledge of Git, Hg and SVN


Django AB testing module


Django Safe Browsing: lookup phishing/malware URLs in Django


Measurement of QoS parameters over IPv4 and IPv6 networks
Computer science
High availability, performance optimisation, scalability, scripting, security, rest services, data visualization..
Particularly science fiction classics by authors like Orwell and Asimov.
I like many kind of sports but especially I go out running.
Spain, France, UK, Italy and Turkey among others.


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